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Monday, January 7, 2013

Hearts and a Pillow

I've been crafting! I know it's a miracle. I think it helps to have my own space now where all my stuff can be. No more dragging out the sewing machine, cutting mat and all that other stuff. Now, I can just leave it on my table. Here's a pillow I did. I want to use turquoise in my house. 


I made the slip cover and flowers.  You can't see the fabric to good, but it's like a fake leather with a pattern on it (paisley like) from Hobby Lobby. Ikea has cheap pillow forms too. And you can see my little shadow there. Dexter is always under my feet.
My next things is my Valentine's Day wreath.  It has argyle hearts on it.

It was cheap and easy. Just a little time consuming with the yarn wrapping. I made myself just get it finished. :)

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