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Thursday, September 2, 2010

A few things

Ok, so I did a few small things. Sometimes it's nice to have something that will be done quickly. Instant gratification.

These are Andy's birthday pajama pants. I had a really hard time finding fun fabric that wouldn't look, shall we say--flamboyantly feminine--and really even what I picked crosses some sort of line. But they work for pajama pants. Pajama pants are really easy to make and anyone wanting to learn to sew or to branch out just a little in their crafting world should try pajama pants. Just make sure you buy the patterns when they're 99 cents, because really why wouldn't you?

Next is my fabric bracelet which I love. It was really easy to make, really quick and it's really cute. After making the first one and putting on the snaps I realized that you could snap it on both sides so all of my subsequent bracelets will be two-sided so you can flip them and have two bracelets in one. The only problem I forsee with this bracelet is, that they're so easy and fun and fast that I will want to keep making them. I won't wear them and Maddy can only wear so many. So I hope some of my nieces won't mind one for christmas. Although Abe has expressed an interest in a Spider-man one.

This is my knitted bracelet which I hate. Admittedly, it is supposed to be lined and it's not, but I am not sure I want to put forth the effort. I don't like the design, it looks messy and it's just not as cute as the fabric one. I have found some other knitted/crocheted patterns I want to try before I give it up altogether but this pattern won't be repeated. Maddy really likes it though.

And my candy corn. I really like Halloween. Really. I think I mixed up the colors on this candy corn though. I think it's supposed to be the yellow at the bottom but it's still really cute. I am having a hard time this year because Halloween is on a Sunday and unfortunately outside of Utah that doesn't mean that it is automatically moved to a Saturday. Plus, Maddy is not allowed to wear a costume to school because 6th graders are too old. What a bunch of BS! So anyway our plan is to have a fun Halloween party/treasure hunt here at home, so I am trying to come up with ideas for it. I thought it would be easy to turn this into a pouch of some sort to hold candy but for now it's just a decoration.

Maddy made two Origami things she would like to share. The first one is a bunny. It looks like it belongs in one of the japanese anime movies as one of their animal charaters. And the other thing I won't name right because it's a long name (and she's not here right now) but we'll call it bowl/file/candy dish thingy.

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  1. I think the bracelet is cute, and just like the ball, maybe if you cast on like half the stitches you could make a smaller one. But I think its cute and if Maddy likes it then great. Does Maddy have an oragami book?