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Since we can't get together as often as we would like, this blog is to help us share some of the things that we create.

Thursday, September 9, 2010


So here is my first post. Since I'm not good for anything but knitting, it takes me a while longer to post than yous guys. Anyways, I finally finished these like 5 minutes ago. I really liked this pattern, so I decided to do it, even though Twilight is lame. These are the mittens that Bella wears in the movie. Cute, huh? I love how far up the arm they come cause I always get cold right there.


  1. They are very cute. I always see cute scarves, hats, and gloves that I can't make/use anymore. I am knitting something right now from Ravelry.

  2. They look nice and all, but I could never understand the appeal of mittens. Do we WANT to pretend we only have one giant finger and a thumb?

  3. Dear Andy,
    Why are you even on here?