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Friday, November 5, 2010

I Knitted My First Sock!!!

So, I thought I would never knit a sock but I wanted to knit these little socks for ornaments for my christmas tree. This was the first one I knitted and it will probably just be thrown away because it has some pretty ugly gaps between rows. Each person in my fam will get one with their first initial on it (immediate family OK, I'm not that fast!)We have a great tradition of getting a new ornament every year and this will save us money because I can use scraps of yarn.

Here is my clock collection so far. I got three new ones this year for my birthday. The red one is from Andy, the knitted one from Molly, and although she doesn't really know it the tire one is from Judy which I got at a swap meet with the money she sent me.

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  1. Your sock turned out way cute! And the clocks look great!